Beautiful excursion to the center of the Arhuaca indigenous culture, to know and live its customs, its cosmogony and territory.  Visit the community of Nabusimaque, arhuaca capital of Colombia, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Know the ethnic values of Colombia, reflected in the way of life and cosmogony of  these descendants of Los Tayronas. Enjoy the delicious waters of the Guatapuri River.



4D / 3N

Located on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, three hours from Valledupar is Nabusímake, the spiritual capital of the Arhuacos. It is an enigmatic place that preserves indigenous traditions despite modernization.

According to the Arhuaca language ‘Nabusímake’ means “city where the sun is born”. Although in this territory today the tradition of this town is preserved, also known as: ika, iku, Ijku or Ijka.


Currently, this area is protected by Los Mamos and the Arhuacos, who do not allow the entry of any visitor, only tourists who respect their traditions and their community can enter.



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