A personal experience with the nature, the original Colombian culture & an amazing archaeological site, a city with a series of 169 terraces carved into the mountainside, a net of tiled roads and several small circular plazas  built by the Tayrona Indigenous. Let's walk for a couple days through a beautiful green lush jungle, passing hills and mountains with clear rivers & waterholes to cool down everywhere. 


 A place where the shining desert dunes unite with the turquoise sea. Where the colors of the sky, the sand, the sea, the rock and the salt create a chromatic variety that falls in love the look, forcing it not to blink. Indigenous communities such as the Wayuus now inhabit this region where tourism is just beginning to arrive now.

Jaguar Expeditions Colombia, rechaza la explotación, la pornografía, el comercio sexual alrededor del turismo

y demás formas de abuso sexual con menores y contribuye al cumplimiento de la Ley 679 de 2001.

Rechaza el comercio ilegal de especies de flora y fauna, Ley 17 de 1981 y la Ley 1333 de  2009.

Rechaza el comercio ilegal de bienes culturales, Ley 63 de 1986 y la Ley 1185 de 2008.

Rechaza la discriminación contra las personas con discapacidad, Ley 1752 de 2015.