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Jaguar Expeditions Colombia, The closest adventure to nature & to you.

We tour the entire country, showing you the most exciting routes in a different way. 


We offer beautifully designed routes, seeking a mix between incredible adventure and the spectacular diversity of our culture and nature. 

Jaguar Expeditions is an ecotourism company that emphasizes on the ethnic diversity, cultural values and the living of spiritual ceremonies of our original indigenous folks.

We are a company with deep ecologist values that understands how essential it is to preserve the sacred nature and its essence. 


Our ecotourism activities take place in natural parks and are of low environmental impact in Colombia.


We assume ecotourism as a "clean" activity that requires pristine landscapes & cultures.

Jaguar expeditions colombia, Travel Agency in Palomino Colombia. 

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diseno wuayu.png

Expediciones Jaguar born in Merida, Venezuela on 2001 exploring and promoting the most spectacular sites of this beautiful country and its diverse nature & cultural values.


On 2008 the company moves to the border between Colombia and Venezuela, to attend & offer Colombia as unique & amazing destination.

We operate directly many of the routes on both sites of the Colombo-Venezuelans border y we are part of a web of alliances with the best touristic providers from Colombia & Venezuela.

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